Minidolls 5.5 cm

Handmade OOAK Miniature Blythe Inspired doll "Rossy" By Nina Corali

About this artwork
This One-of-a-kind doll is completely handmade by me. She has very small details so you must treat her carefully and gently. She is meant to be a collector’s item; it isn’t a toy.

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“Rossy" is only 5.5 cm tall made of resin. Despite of her tiny size she is articulated (neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees) her body is BJD articulated (her neck turn left and right only).
Her eyes colour change when you turn the handle (4 different colours) and her eyelids open and close when you pull the strings. Her tiny dress and shoes are removable.

My miniature dolls are made out of resin from a hand sculpted prototype and her face are hand carved so no dolls have the same face.
  • Face up

    I used Rembrandt Soft Pastels and Albrecht Durer Faber Castell watercolour pencils, sealed with Mr Super Clear UV matte sealing

  • Hair

    Soft pink Angora mohair.

  • Outfit

    Her green tiny dress is hand dyed cotton fabric. She has a tiny cute working handbag handmade by me.

She also Includes:

  • An adoption certificate
  • She comes in a cute resin luxury box handmade by myself.


I will ship internationally with tracking and insurance from Chile (FedEx or DHL). Customer is responsible for any import/customs charges. Sorry, return will not be accepted. She is a handmade doll, so she is not factory perfect. I made her with love and careful attention to detail. You will get something very unique for your dolly collection.

Out of Stock

  • NOTE: My miniature dolls and all their features (body, eye mechanism) are copyrighted. My miniature dolls are inspired by Blythe doll but their body and eye mechanism work different; they are my own creation and design.